Thursday, September 29, 2016

Food plot success!

The food plots came up fairly well this year, despite the lack of rain (as can be seen in the discoloration).
fawns twins whitetail deer kansas bow hunting deer hunting food plots

whitetail deer doe food plots bowhunting bow hunting deer hunting

whitetail deer fawn white tail kansas food plots bow hunting deer hunting

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Food Plot Planning for Whitetail Deer

Most people tend to think about food plots as only something to tend and maintain during the hunting season. While that's important, providing quality deer sustenance and nutrition year round will give your favorite hunting spots stability throughout the year, making your hunting season even that much better! 

This picture shows us planting oats in early spring. 

This photo shows the oats making head way. The deer traffic won't be near as thick in the spring as everything else is also greening up, but remember... you're providing year long stability for quality herd management.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Photos from Shed Hunting this Spring

One of our first finds of the season!

Yep.. Almost thicker than a cattle trail to a stock tank. 

A few sheds we picked up on our morning walk. It pays to exercise!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

5 Tips for Shed Hunting Success

5 Tips for Shed Hunting Success

Deer hunting in Kansas is a world-renowned sport. But after the season ends, a new one begins. A season just as competitive, if not more so, with no official start and end times and open to anyone… Shed hunting.
Elizabeth and her daughter shed hunting
 Antlers are used for everything from dog toys to decor and can fetch thousands of dollars at the right auctions. It’s also the perfect season to get yourself back in shape after spending countless hours just sitting in a blind or tree stand. Additionally, it provides valuable information about what animals survived the winter and the quality of deer in your hunting locations. My favorite part is that everyone can get involved, including kids.
It’s the perfect sport to introduce kids to the awesomeness of the great outdoors. They can chatter all they want without worrying about scaring anything off, they can learn the difference in animal tracks, trails, and wildlife in general. Plus, the second they find their first shed, they’ll be hooked!
 However, a lot of people just assume they can start walking around in the woods and come home with a truck load of antlers. It takes hours of walking, looking and some days you’ll still come home with nothing. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your shed hunting season: to finish reading the rest of the article on Scentblocker's website, click HERE.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Once In A Lifetime Hunting Experience

Truly, I was a little spoiled growing up as a deer hunter in Kansas – one of the best states in the country for bowhunting whitetails. For me, opening day is akin to Christmas Eve, so exciting is the knowledge that somewhere, beneath that open sky and all those acres, there’s a buck of legends. Let’s face it – even those of us who don’t hunt simply for the size of the antlers still dream that maybe, in the right stand at the right time, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I never take the first deer I see. Sometimes I can go an entire season without drawing my bow, because the opportunities for quality deer seem almost limitless here in Kansas. That’s not saying that opportunities for huge, monster bucks are limitless; quite the opposite, in fact. However, mature deer and their yearlings usually have a set routine and are easy to pattern in the early season. Plus, harvesting them also helps manage herd populations, and they provide good quality meat. But every once in a great while, the stars align perfectly to provide that once-in-a-lifetime moment....
To read the rest of the story on the Travel KS website, click HERE.

Friday, March 6, 2015

5 for Friday

Friday Favorites!

shed hunting antlers whitetail deer Kansas families kids1) This shed that Elizabeth and her daughter, Emma, found this past weekend. March is one of the best months to start shed hunting for whitetail antlers in Kansas.

2) The fact that it's currently over 60 degrees in central Kansas. It seems like everyone is sick of winter so the spring weather is perfect and much, much needed. Can't wait to spend more time outdoors, and more time in the sunshine!

laser tag family activities outdoors3) Brandi and her kids playing laser tag.. I love the intensity!! What an awesome indoor activity for families and children... plus they get in a little target practice as well! I'm rooting for Gunnar since he's totally outnumbered by estrogen in their house!

4) Turkey season is right around the corner! It doesn't open in Kansas for a few more weeks but we're seeing turkeys everywhere and that's all that's being talked about across the internet and social media. It won't be long until we're also talking about ticks and bugs... but like I said, everyone is ready for spring!!

5) Venison Gravy and Biscuits. Yum, yum, yum. Who doesn't love some good ol' down home cooking?! And it's even better with venison that you harvested and processed yourself. So perfect.

venison recipes venison sausage venison deer meat food recipes

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Huntress of the Month - Emily Lauren Housman

huntress of the month turkey hunting archery cute women huntersEmily Lauren Housman
1st Place Unlimited Archery Division ACE Heartland Regional Ball State University 2013

1st Place Unlimited Archery Division ACE Heartland Regional Ball State University 2012

1st Place Unlimited Archery Division ACE Heartland Regional Ball State University 2011

bow hunting women huntress cute turkey hunting deer hunting
4th place Unlimited Archery Division ACE Heartland Regional Ball State University 2010

Emily loves the outdoors and the mall. She is quite the mix of lady and huntress. 

Emily took her first turkey April 2013 with her dad calling for her. She had her choice of three turkeys and selected a beautiful jake as her first turkey kill. He was a 15lb bird and sported a 6” beard. 

This past spring 2014, she took her second turkey, an impressive tom that measured 24lbs, 9.25” beard and 7/8” spurs. Those tail fans and beards now hang on her bedroom wall! 

Emily was introduced to the outdoors by her dad, Eric. She started fishing as soon as she could walk and carry a pole. Those trips included outings to local ponds and even out on larger lakes with her dad’s bass boat. Her first big fish came at the age of 5 when dad hooked a 10lb catfish in the pond and Emily got to fight it to the bank!

She got re-interested in outdoors at age 14 and started shooting her first bow, a Diamond Razors Edge. She shot that until the fall of 2012, when she then made the move to a new bow and picked up her beloved Hoyt Charger Vixcen Edition. Emily shoots 40lb pull and a 26” draw. Her arrows are The Mayhem Hot Pursuits. She hunts with Muzzy 4 blades 100 grain.

With a love of archery, she began competing in the local 3D and paper leagues. She also wants to pursue more hunts with her bow, including deer and more turkey. She lives at home with her parents, Eric and Stacy, and her younger brother, Nathan. Her home family also includes her English Springer Spaniel, Shadow, and the family Schnauzer, Abbey. Emily is studying in college to become an RN. She loves her church family, cooking, sewing and also has a love of photography.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Shield In The Field

by Scentblocker

Both Brandi and Elizabeth have partnered with Scentblocker to be a part of their Shield In The Field crew. A diverse group of women representing the hunting industry. 

deer passion hunting women bow hunting archery sola scentblocker

In Scentblocker's words: 
Women's growing and evolving role in the hunting and outdoor places has taken the world by storm. Today ladies from all walks of life are finding themselves in the field- hunting alone, along side their spouses, and with other professional hunters on television. Women are also actively involved in the outdoor industry in every stage of product development, sales, and marketing. Several popular female outdoor personalities are allowing their creative energy to flow and have become successful outdoor writers. Others- such as Shoot Like a Girl (SLG2)- are reaching out across the country with organized programs designed to introduce girls and women to shooting sports. The times they are a changin’ and new possibilities for women in the outdoors are endless. At ScentBlocker we’re happy to see the pioneers of this “women in the outdoors” movement wearing our gear.
Be part of this revolution and follow along as we introduce SOLA : Shield in the Field. A select group of girls who live the “women in the outdoors lifestyle”. SOLA: Shield in the Field is the ultimate outdoor “Girls Club”. See them in action, hear their stories, and share their thoughts at the new SOLA website.
SOLA: Shield in the Field will be a destination location for stories, pictures, videos and contributions by a wide variety of some of todays top female television celebrities, up and coming writers and bloggers, shooting instructors and mentors.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dove Hunting

My daughter is finally at an age where I feel like she can start tagging along on our hunting adventures. The
best part is, she wants to tag along. Since she was little she’s always been a part of our hunting world, practicing shooting her bow with us, watching us clean guns or seeing the game that’s brought home. This last week, though, she’s taken to dove hunting. Granted she’s too young to start shooting yet, but that doesn’t stop her from taking along her toy gun. It doesn’t stop us, as parents, from teaching the basics of how to respect your equipment, how to handle it and how to shoulder it. Let’s face it, one of the biggest problems in the world today is a lack of respect and understanding of your weapon. It’s a goal of ours, that our daughter won’t be raised ignorant.

She’s also learning how to identify the different birds, why you should make good shots and the importance of recovering each and every bird. I really thought that she would be squeamish or unsure after seeing a bird taken or the blood, but she’s extremely interested and thoughtful. We also have the opportunity to sit and talk, opening up more discussion about her day and school and what’s going on in that little brain of hers. I probably still won’t take her deer hunting. Heaven help me, I have a little chatty Cathy on my hands, but I’m delighted as ever that she’s taking a strong interest in hunting and archery.

I truly have the best hunting partners that a gal could ever ask for!!